Superflat floors are the industry standard in today’s warehouses and distribution centers. Superflat means higher racking systems and increased capacity, thus improving the client’s bottom line.

Tilt-Up construction can offer earlier occupancy, large interior spaces, beauty, durability, and lower operations costs. The flexibility of design makes tilt-wall construction a good choice for office buildings and build-to-suit space.

Foundation work is the first step in any successful project. Precision Concrete Construction has the manpower to work in multiple locations on the same jobsite under even the worst conditions to get you out of the ground quickly.




We specialize in various retail projects, multi-level residential projects, parking structures for commercial projects, office building construction and construction of elevated slabs among other services.

We have performed highly technical work for projects at the National Archives, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Mead, Fort Detrick, the U.S. Naval Academy and the Pentagon, among others.

We specialize in base building and renovating institutional buildings. We have completed projects for faith-based, educational and healthcare institutions, among others.